Silicone event wristbands

All about silicone event wristbands

Today, silicone wristbands are a must-have in the event or tourist sectors. It allows organisers to identify visitors simply and inexpensively. Durable and versatile, it has a unique style highly appreciated by professionals and individuals alike.

why choose silicone ?

 It is a very resistant bracelet :

  • waterproof
  • Supports both high and low temperatures
  • Keeps its shape at all times

It is a durable accessory that can be used over several days or even weeks. It is versatile and suitable for outdoor events (festivals, receptions, sporting events, etc.) as well as indoor events (exhibitions, concerts, etc.).

It is economical, comfortable, lightweight and easy to clean. It is also an pleasing accessory that will appeal visually to your customers. It is available in several colors and in different sizes (child & adult) to vary styles and make it a unique object that will delight people of all ages.

For which occasions ?

His qualities makes it a very practical during outdoor events, for music festivals for example. It is a very useful security tool for the access control of your visitors. It is also used to identify visitors at the entrance of sites such as hotels, campsites, swimming pools and amusement parks or participants marathon for example.

More than just a bracelet, its durability and style will make it a memorable souvenir that your customers can keep after the event, if they wish.

Custom silicone wristband

The silicone bracelet is customizable and that is a real advantage. You can print either your logo or your message.

Various marking options are available to you :

  • 4 - color silkscreen printing
  • Printing with colour segments
  • Intaglio printing
  • Tinted intaglio printing
  • Embossed printing
  • Tinted embossed printing

Here are some examples of custom wristbands :

Its use is therefore very varied and it will adapt to all styles, soak it with your universe and make it an essential accessory for your customers !

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