Festival wristbands

All about festival wristbands

The wristband is an essential accessory for concert and festival organisers. It allows you to control access safely and promote your event and brand through customization. We have a wide range of wristband designs and colours to suit your event's image.

The ideal access control accessory

The festival wristband is an essential security tool.

It will facilitate access control at the entrance of your event and reduce queues. You can also distinguish festival goers from your staff. It is widely used at concerts, sports competitions, hotels and leisure parks.

Identify your festival-goers and guarantee their safety!

What type of wristband is right for you ?

Each wristband has its own particularities and it is important to know which one is best suited to your event.

The Tyvek® wristband is made of tearproof paper. It is one of the most common festival wristbands. It is customisable and available in 15 colours, making it easy to identify the different types of attendees at your festival. It will fit perfectly around your wrist and closes with a sticker. Removing it is very simple : just cut it off. It is a water and dust resistant wristband, suitable for short events, preferably 1 day. It is also the most economical of our wristbands. 

The biodegradable paper wristband to be planted: this wristband will reinforce your eco-friendly image. It will allow you to differentiate yourself by offering an original and customizable accessory. The choice of colour is infinite. It closes with a double-sided adhesive. It is a durable accessory that contains real seeds and, once used, only needs to be planted to grow then.

The vinyl wristband is an ultra safe wristband. It is suitable for both short and long term events and fits all wrist sizes. It is available in a variety of sizes and colours and is water resistant. To remove it, you will have to cut it off, making it impossible to transfer or exchange.

The satin wristband is a premium accessory. It is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear, and will add a luxurious touch to your event. It can be personalised and you can choose from 6 colours. It has a ring that allows it to be adjusted to the wearer's wrist. It cannot be transferred, so you will need a pair of scissors to remove the fabric wristband.

The silicone wristband is an essential communication tool, it is ideal to promote your company and you can even distribute it as goodies. It is a very resistant accessory that your festival-goers will be able to keep over time. The silicone wristband is easy to remove, so it is not safe.

The LED wristband : how can we talk about festival wristbands without mentioning this one  that will set the rhythm of your event. It is particularly suitable for night concerts. It is composed of LEDs that are activated to the rhythm of the sounds, which will illuminate your evening. Designed for comfort, the wristband can be easily removed and reused several times. It is therefore not safe and, like the silicone wristband, it can be given away as goodies.

How to remove your festival wristband

Once the event is over, how do you remove your wristband? It's very simple. For a reusable wristband, the question does not arise. For secure wristbands, there is only one solution : cut them with a pair of scissors.

The solutions available to you

We all know how complicated the organisation of a festival can be and many unforeseen events occur when you least expect it. Do you need a wristband in a hurry? Don't panic, at Sogedex we have a large stock of each reference of festival wristbands with a fast delivery.

If you have more time and wish to have a product with your image, we also propose to customize your festival wristband. You can choose the type of printing, the colours, add a security fastener or not. By opting for personalisation, you can simplify the organisation of your event while reinforcing the visibility of your brand. Festival-goers will be delighted to leave with a unique souvenir of their experience.

There are many possibilities and we can adapt to your needs.

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