Recycling solutions for lanyards, badge holders & plastic cards

All about recycling solutions for lanyards, badge holders & plastic cards

Recycling waste reduces the amount of plastic in circulation, saves raw materials (water, oil, etc.) and therefore protects the planet.

The “Three Rs” rule

To best preserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact as much as possible, the European Union recommends everyone, and companies in particular, to implement the “Three Rs” rule in waste management:

  • Reduce: this is the most effective solution to reduce both the mass of waste to be buried but also the quantity of raw materials needed to manufacture new products (water, oil, etc.)
  • Reuse : giving, repairing, bartering, antiquing are all possibilities for giving objects a second life
  • Recycle: this allows the manufacture of new products by partially or totally reusing the materials that make up a product at the end of its life. Waste is transformed into new raw materials, thus replacing and preserving natural resources.

What solutions for recycling identification accessories?

Sogedex offers a practical and innovative recycling solution: Zero Waste Boxes™. This solution makes it possible to recover and process waste that is not currently recycled by local authorities or traditional recycling sites, such as textile products (lanyards), metal (metal fasteners) or hard plastics (rigid badge holder).

The principle is simple: you collect your accessories in the box provided for this purpose. When it is full, you send it directly to the recycling center which will take care of sorting the products and transforming them into reusable plastic material in the form of granules.

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