About Sogedex Accessories

In 2023, Sogedex Accessories celebrated its 40th anniversary, and has specialized, since its creation, in personal identification. Faced with the strong development of the ID market, and the need for a high level of specialization, we made the choice of devoting ourselves exclusively to the market of identification accessories and supplies.

Today, identification accessories are used in almost all fields of activity::

  • Security, for the wearing of professional badges,
  • Health care, particularly pediatrics, for the indentification of patients by means of a permanently attached wristband,
  • Urban transportation, for protecting one’s Pass and presenting it easily at the badge reader with a retractable badge reel,
  • Banking, for protecting credit cards with microchips that are more and more sophisticated and costly,
  • Retail business, for protecting its loyalty cards,
  • Special event management, for identification by means of a wristband or a conference badge,
  • Advertising, to make known one’s name by means of a customized lanyard necklace or a fancy wristband.

So, we can bring to our customers:

  • A wide range of and even greater choice of products
  • Products that have been subjected to rigorous quality control.
  • A stock availability with a very large number of references.
  • Competitive prices due to our purchase volume.
  • An internet site for selecting products and ordering them online.
  • A network of professional resellers in France, in Europe, as well as in French-speaking Africa, will provide you with local service, in addition to their competency.

Our professional team, also specialized, can advise you on your choice of accessories according to your specific needs, or for your future plans.
Don't hesitate to contact us for information or advice; we will be happy to respond.

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