Eco-friendly badge holders

All about eco-friendly badge holders

Today, ecology is part of our daily lives. It's impossible not to consider environmental protection and the need for more responsible consumption in a constantly moving world. This ecological responsibility influences our choices, and it's for the better! At Sogedex, we want to help you commit to ecology by offering you a responsible alternative with recycled and recyclable badge holders.

We have added the ecological badge holders to respond to the eco-friendly approach. Whether for occasional or regular use, the badge holder is an essential and practical identification accessory. You can find various recycled and/or recyclable materials as well as different shapes, sizes, and orientations to better meet your needs.

We offer two types of eco-friendly badge holders: products made from eco-responsible materials and those made from recyclable materials. But what's the difference?

Eco-friendly badge holder: The term "eco-friendly" is attributed to products that, minimize their impact on the environment as much as possible during their lifecycle, whether it's in terms of packaging, transportation, usage, or recycling.

Recyclable material badge holder: When processed by the recycling center, badge holders made from recyclable materials are transformed into flakes that will be reused in the creation of new products.

The eco-friendly materials of our badge holders

Among the eco-responsible badge holders, we offer products made from various recycled and/or biodegradable materials:

  • Recycled PVC: PVC is a well-known material in recycling streams. Indeed, it can be recycled multiple times without its original properties being degraded.

  • Kraft Liner 200 gsm: This material, produced from kraft wood pulp, is naturally robust and biodegradable. The Kraft liner material is certified by FSC® (certificate no.FR065239/2), sourced from forests with sustainable and controlled management.

  • Polypropylene and ETL additive (Ecoplastics Technology Limited): ETL is an organic additive that, when added to a plastic material helps with its decomposition. Here, coupled with polypropylene, it allows the product to disintegrate through a process that uses biomethanization. Initially, the badge holder material allows the formation of a biofilm around the product, which promotes the colonization of microorganisms. This enables the polymer chains of the material to decompose and the organisms to consume the plastic material. Thanks to this process, ETL is accepted by regular recycling systems and can also be disposed of in a standard waste bin.

  • Biodegradable and compostable PLA (Polylactic Acid): These materials are entirely biodegradable and industrially compostable. The decomposition time of the material depends mainly on the environment in which it is placed. To meet the EN13432 standard, the material must achieve 90% biodegradation within 6 months. This process ensures a 100% biodegradable badge holder.

  • Frosted Polycarbonate or UV-resistant: These recyclable materials provide optimal badge protection, aesthetics, and a pleasant touch.

  • Crystal Polystyrene: 100% recyclable material.

  • 100% organic. Cereal base: corn and wheat: This material is 100% biodegradable (certified EN14995 standard) and manufactured in France. The decomposition time of the material depends mainly on the environment in which it is placed. It occurs in less than 12 weeks, in an industrial compost, with a temperature between 60 and 80°C.

Accessories for a 100% eco-friendly event

Today, more and more events are concerned about their ecological impact. It's imperative to rethink their organization sustainably, as well as that of exhibitions or professional gatherings. In this perspective we have decided to add ecological alternatives to our catalog. Available in vertical or horizontal formats, they will perfectly protect your badges and cards.

Choosing an eco-friendly badge holder not only makes your event more responsible but also reinforces your values and environmental commitment. If you want to follow this approach to the end, you can pair it with a lanyard from the same range!

The benefits of eco-friendly badge holders:

1) Ecological durability

By choosing this alternative, you are sure to make a responsible choice and contribute to the current ecological momentum. Moreover, you are contributing to the preservation of natural resources.

2) Corporate responsibility engagement

The badge holder reflects your image and values. By opting for eco-friendly badge holders, you strengthen your approach by demonstrating your commitment to environmental sustainability.

3) Waste reduction

In a world where environmental awareness is gaining importance, waste reduction becomes a major concern. Our eco-friendly and recyclable badge holders contribute to this change and reduce the environmental footprint of these products.

Focus on the cardboard badge holder

Cardboard badge holders are increasingly in demand at events, conferences, or trade shows. They offer a popular alternative to plastic models.


This badge holder is made of smooth 200 g/m2 Kraft liner. This material, produced from kraft wood pulp, is naturally robust and biodegradable. The kraft pulp has been treated to make the badge holder strong, waterproof, and tear-resistant. This material is certified by FSC® (certificate no.FR065239/2), sourced from forests with sustainable and controlled management.


The cardboard badge holder is in A6 format (105 × 148 mm), allowing you to insert your card/badge the size of a folded A4 sheet. It has a front window of 7.7 x 12.1 cm and a round perforation for attaching a bamboo or cotton lanyard with a dog hook or lobster hook.


Cardboard badge holders can be personalized on both the front and back, with your logo and/or the text and visuals of your choice by a full-color digital print.

Choose an eco-friendly alternative to A6 PVC badge holders. The cardboard badge holder is natural and recyclable for versatile use while combining quality and durability.

Ecological and Customizable

Some of our eco-friendly badge holders offer customization options to meet your specific needs. They can be designed with different styles, sizes, and colors while maintaining their ecological character. With monochrome or full-color printing, you can display your company's or event's colors.

Below is the list of eco-friendly and/or recyclable badge holders that are customizable:

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