Vehicle card holders

All about vehicle card holders

The vehicle card holders are accessories you can hang on your rear-view mirror or fix on your windscreen. Suitable for all cars, they have been designed to remain discreet so as not to disturb the driver while driving.

Why would you use a vehicle card holder?

At a glance, can you see various informations concerning the car (insurance sticker, disabled parking card, access to the car park…) and you can quickly identify the vehicles or any other information that you would like highlight.

Products fitted to you needs

We offer a large range of complementary products:

  • Equip your vehicle fleet with an insurance sticker holder to guarantee all drivers safety
  • Quickly identify the cars parked in your car park through to the parking badge
  • Ensure CMI (Mobility Inclusion Card) cards are always visible with the card holder for windscreen
  • Control access to a company, a building or at an event through the badge holder with mirror or suction grip
  • Display drivers business card (cab, chauffeur-driven cars…) with the windshield card holder

Because we want to offer you a maximum of solutions, we recommend our Clearbox to protect your papers (identify card, car registration document, driver’s license, etc.).

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