Eco-friendly ID accessories

eco-friendly id accessories

At Sogedex, we are aware that more and more companies, associations, or organizations want to turn to more ecological and environmentally friendly consumption. Therefore, we offer an entire range of eco-friendly products.

What is an eco-friendly product

A product is considered eco-friendly if it reduces its environmental impact at a minimum stage of its life cycle. The product must respect the environment as much as possible, whether during the extraction of raw materials, during its design, its transport, its use or its recycling.

A varied range of eco-friendly products

To support you in your ecological purchasing strategy, Sogedex offers you a complete range of your favorite products in an ecological version:

The composition of these products can be biodegradable or recyclable material. To identify them more easily, we have implemented the following pictograms:

: Accessories made from biodegradable materials

: Products made from recyclable materials


1/ Products made from 100% biodegradable materials decompose completely if they meet an environment with favorable conditions, within a relatively short period of time.

The composition of the majority of our biodegradable products meets one of the following two standards:

  • The EN 13432 standard states that 90% of the product must decompose in less than 6 months. The disintegration of residues, the concentration of heavy metals and that of certain chemical components are also taken into account in the evaluation of decomposition.
  • The EN 14995 standard observes decomposition of the product in less than 12 weeks, in industrial compost, with a temperature between 60 and 80°.

2/ Products with recyclable materials allow the materials to be reintroduced into the production cycle of other products once the waste has been treated. This offers several advantages:

  • Reduction of the ecological footprint: considerable reduction in the environmental impact generated by the extraction of new materials during the design of new products.
  • Reduction of waste released into nature : certain materials can be recycled several times without degrading their original properties.
  • Save natural resources: reusing recyclable materials to design new products helps preserve unused natural resources and avoid the extraction and use of new materials.

A product offering focused on ecology

We are fully aware of the current issues surrounding the environment, which is why we have chosen to increasingly include the ecological dimension in our expertise.

Ecological identification accessories for a sustainable alternative

Our range of eco-friendly products offers you a wide choice of accessories similar to other products in our catalog, but specially designed to respect the environment.

Ecological lanyards: we offer you 3 ecological lanyards made from biodegradable materials: recycled PETbamboo and cotton.

To go further in the ecological approach, they all have a nickel-free metal hook. These lanyards are eco-friendly right down to the hook!

Eco-friendly badge holders and card cases: You will find products that are both biodegradable, recyclable, and some are even made in France! They have the same characteristics as the rest of our badge holders or card covers: rigid or flexible, for one or more badges, of different sizes, with or without permanent closure, transparent or colored, with easy extraction systems from the menu… and all in an ecological version!

Environmentally friendly cards: we offer you several possibilities among our range of eco-friendly cards:

  • Biodegradable resin PVC cards: the material used allows the cards to decompose more quickly when they encounter a favorable environment.
  • 100% recycled PVC cards : they are made from PVC which can be recycled several times without altering its original properties.
  • Paper cards : they are made from wood fibers (without added plastic) from sustainably managed and controlled forests. And the cherry on top of the cake: these are FSC certified cards and 100% made in France.

Quality + eco-friendly accessories = 100% sustainable identification solutions

Sogedex aims at offering you products that fit into your environmental policy while maintaining the same quality requirements:

  • Comfortable to wear and easy to handle for lanyards
  • Robustness and protection of your badges guaranteed for badge holders and card cases
  • High quality printing and great readability for cards

You can also find alternatives offering even more technical and innovative know-how such as our antimicrobial badge holder which stops the spread of bacteria and viruses throughout the life of the product.

 Do you need to identify your visitors or employees while respecting your eco-friendly approach?

Choose the winning combination now:

Customizable ecological accessories!

Do you need ecological and personalized accessories in the colors of your company or event? We have thought of everything, even the personalization of our products!

This way, you can highlight the image of your organization while respecting your environmental approach. Our catalog of eco-friendly products offers you a wide choice of lanyards, badge holders or customizable card covers.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to advise you during all stages of your customization project!

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