Plain or custom lanyards

plain or custom lanyards

Plain lanyards are very use for business and event (shows, fairs, festivals, etc.). Indeed, there are an essential accessory not only to quickly identify a person, but also to highlight the image of your company or event.

What is the use for a lanyard?

The lanyard is the most visible accessory, allowing at one glance to: boost your visibility and also to identify or differentiate your employees and visitors. A 2 in 1 product that can be used for different usages:

  • Quickly identify your staff
  • Differentiate your teams from your visitors in a company or during an event
  • Promote your organization to your prospects or customers
  • Prevent your employees from losing their badge holders
  • Offer a present at your events or trade shows to boost your company’s visibility

How to choose your lanyard?

Step 1: Define the usage

Before choosing your type of lanyard, you should determine his usage. Will it be used to promote your company or organization with your partners? Is your objective to be able to distinguish your staff from your visitors during an event (show, fair, etc.)? You could also need a lanyard that would need to answer several applications. Answering these questions ensures that you get a lanyard perfectly suited to your needs.

Step 2 : Adapt your lanyard

The main purpose of your lanyard is to be able to attach a badge, a badge holder, a card, keys, or why not a ski pass, etc. We offer different fastening solutions, you will probably find the one that will match perfectly with your lanyard.

  • Metal swivel hook: corresponds to holders with a round or oval perforation. The metal swivel hook is also the most economical fastener.
  • The double metal swivel hook: this clip allows to attach your lanyard to the tips of your holder. To prevent it from rotating, you can attach your badge holder with a double round perforation or your mask to the neck strap to keep it permanently available. No need to touch your mask anymore: you avoid loss and contamination!
  • The metal hook: like the swivel hook, it’s suitable for badges or cards with a round or oval perforation. The metal hook it easy to handle and will also give your lanyard an elegant look. This hook is also available in nickel-free metal. This alternative allows you to respect your environmental commitment and limit the risk of allergies.
  • The plastic hook: Only suitable for holders an oval perforation. It’s ideal for access control use as it does not cause interference. The plastic hook is also available with twist-free fastener to keep the same side always visible.
  • The crocodile clip : used for badge holders or cards with an oval perforation. The crocodile clip is durable and ensures a good support on the holder while remaining easy to use. The clip is also designed to avoid damaging the holder.
  • The plastic badge reel or zip : attached to holders with both round and oval perforations. The plastic badge reel is the perfect fastener for remote use of your badge or card. Users will no longer need to remove their lanyard to scan their card thanks to the badge reel with a 72cm-long nylon retractable cord. Just pull the badge when you need to use it and let it go, it will snap back into place!
  • You don’t need a fastener on your lanyard? We also offer lanyards without fastener. The advantage? Your holder remains permanently attached to your lanyard. Just slip it into your lanyard and you’re done! Available in several materials (brushed nickel-free steel, metal, polyester, etc.), these lanyards without fasteners are discreet and simple to use.

Step 2: Choose from the different materials

It’s important to choose the right material for your lanyard depending on the use and the message you wish to convert. Choosing one material rather than another can be an opportunity to highlight your company or event.

Polyester: used for most lanyards, this material offers the advantage of being resistant over time. Polyester can have several aspects:

  • Flat: flat polyester (or ribbed polyester) will allow your lanyards to remain discreet and will fit all types of clothing. Flat lanyards are also available with a satin finish, which will add shine and elegance.
  • Tube: modernity is the main advantage of this material. With its lace-like appearance, this material is one of today’s trends. With its softness and elegance, your tubular lanyards are pleasant to wear in all circumstances.
  • Round: this material offers the advantage that your lanyards are thin and light to wear. Your users will hardly feel it around their neck.

Ecological materials: ecology is becoming more and more important and many organizations are committed to an eco-friendly approach. This is why, we offer a complete collection of lanyards made from environmentally friendly materials. You can choose between 100% recycled PET, 100% biodegradable bamboo and untreated cotton to obtain lanyards in line with your ecological approach. Moreover, each lanyard of this range is accompanied by a nickel-free hook: these lanyards are perfected to the requirements of an eco-friendly approach.

Silicone: very quick and easy to clean, silicone is the best material to avoid the transmission of bacteria. Your lanyards will not deteriorate over time despite repeated washing. Clean and reuse your lanyards without fear of transmitting bacteria to your visitors or staff. Silicone ensures that your lanyards are always hygienic.

Step 3: Add options according to your needs

The safety system: this is the essential element to have on your lanyard to guarantee the safety of the wearer. Thanks to the anti-strangulation system (breakaway), the lanyard will automatically detach itself in case of excessive tension. You will avoid dangerous situations and eliminate the risk of accidental choking. For daily use, it’s strongly recommended to use lanyards with this safety system.

The detachable buckle: Do you want your lanyards to be even more practical and easy to use? With the detachable buckle, the lower part of the lanyard will be removable, which will facilitate the use of proximity badges, magnetic strips, keys, ski pass, etc. The user no longer needs to remove his lanyard to use his badge or card.

To go further: Necklaces complement each other well with…

Having a lanyard is good but having a lanyard with a badge holder is better!

We offer you to combine your lanyards with our flexible or rigid badge holders. You identify your employees or visitors with a complete kit: lanyard + badge holder!

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