Flexible badge holders

All about flexible badge holders

Ideal accessory to protect your badges during temporary use, the flexible badge holder is a practical and efficient support. It preserves the condition of the visitor badge, ticket, pass or any other document, while maximizing their visibility. This support is particularly appreciated on shows, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, festivals since its finish and flexibility give a more professional look to your badges.

We offer a wide range of flexible badge holders in different formats (CR80, A5, A6...), materials (PVC, recycled PVC, vinyl...), orientations (landscape or portrait), perforations (oblong or round) ... Some of our accessories also exist an eco-friendly version to be in line with your ecological approach.

Sogedex's advice: use our filters to quickly define the flexible badge holder that will fit to your needs

The different formats of badge holders

We have a wide choice of flexible badge holders with different dimensions:

  • 80 x 54mm (CR80)
  • 80 x 135mm
  • 86 x 101mm
  • 90 x 120mm
  • 98 x 67mm (CR 100)
  • 105 x 70mm
  • 105 x 148 mm (A6)
  • 148 × 210 mm (A5)

We want to meet all of your needs. That’s why we offer different sizes so that you can find the flexible badge holder adapted to the format of your support (badge, pass, invitation, flyer...).

The flexible A6 badge holder: focus on a success story

Do you organize shows, fairs, concerts or event? A real star of public events, the flexible A6 badge holder allows you to use larger documents. This has many advantages:

  • Quick and easy visitors’ identification: the A6 format allows your participants to print their invitation on an A4 sheet which they will simply have to fold in 4 to slip it into the holder. It will therefore highlight the information necessary for access control (identity, QR code, bar code, etc.)
  • Larger communication space: thanks to its large dimensions, you can use it as a communication medium with your targets. For example, take this opportunity to indicate the media that comes to your event, but also the strategic points to visit or any interesting information.
  • Goodies to offer to your participants: this badge holder will allow your visitors to keep all the information collected during your gathering. For example, they can keep flyers, photos, pins... So your allow visitors will keep memories of your event.

The other advantage of this support? It also exists in an eco-friendly version (recycled PVC) that can correspond to your environmental approach. The same support but ecological!

The different materials:

The choice of material for your badge holder can help convey a message about your brand image (Premium, ecological approach, etc.). We offer a wide choice of flexible badge holders made with various plastic materials:

  • PVC, reinforced PVC, or recycled PVC
  • Vinyl or magnetic vinyl

Oblong or round perforation

Badge holders can be attached to a lanyard or strap if necessary.
The majority of our flexible badge holders exist with a double perforation: oblong and round. So whether you decide to attach it to a zipper, a lanyard with a metal swivel hook our flexible badge holders will fit perfectly.
With the double perforation, you can attach your badge holder with a double hook lanyard. It will always stay in place!

Can you a more robust flexible badge holder?

Would you like to provide additional protection for your flexible badge holder? Do you need your badges or documents to remain totally intact whatever the conditions they will face? Some of our flexible badge holders have the property of being totally hermetic. The slider zip allows the badge holder to be waterproof, your information will be protected against water, sand, dust... It is the ideal accessory to increase the protection of your badges during outdoor events.
We also offer flexible badge holders with a reinforced strip. The advantage? It is more robust and you avoid any risk of tearing. The flexible badge holder with reinforced strip will hold better over time and can therefore be suitable for regular use.

Essential accessories for your events!

We offer a complete range of supports specially designed for all your gatherings. You can make multiple associations between these accessories that will facilitate the organization and management of your events:

  • Control access to your premises with our event wristbands
  • Simply manage visitor badges thanks to our card tray sold
  • Differentiate your visitors thanks to the lanyard + badge holder combination

Cherry on the cake: all these accessories can be personalized in the colors of your company or your event! You put your organization in the spotlight while bringing consistency!

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