Event wristbands

event wristbands

Wristbands have become essential for optimizing event organization. They serve various purposes such as managing participant entries and promotion. We offer a wide range of event wristbands in stock to cater to a diverse range of needs and situations.

Identification and Security

With wristbands, you can easily identify participants. It's crucial to maintain control and have a comprehensive view of your event. Wristbands are a perfect accessory to address this need – noticeable enough to be recognized yet discreet enough not to be cumbersome.

We provide a complete range, including security wristbands that cannot be exchanged or removed, like the tear-resistant Tyvek paper wristband, available in multiple sizes.

In addition to participants, you can also equip your staff for easy identification in the crowd, thanks to our various colors.


Certain accessories have proven their value and have become essentials:

• Tyvek Paper Wristband: The Tyvek wristband is secure and tear-resistant, made from cost-effective material. It's suitable for one or two-day events and is water-resistant. Once worn, it cannot be removed without cutting.

 Plantable Paper Wristband: This biodegradable wristband allows you to stand out uniquely. It contains seeds that you can plant and grow. An excellent communication accessory!

• Silicone Wristband: A reusable wristband suitable for outdoor events due to its waterproof and durable properties. It stands out with its unique and fun style.

• Vinyl Wristband: This secure wristband features a permanent single-use closure. It adjusts to all wrist sizes and is waterproof.

• Satin Wristband: A soft polyester satin bracelet, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. The bracelet can be fastened to the wrist with a simple knot or a closure ring.


It's also possible to personalize the wristbands according to your branding. At Sogedex, we've made it our specialty, offering you the opportunity to fully customize your accessory into an optimal communication tool.

From color to text and logo, numerous customization possibilities allow you to unleash your creativity. To ensure that this day remains memorable for all participants, the personalized wristband is the ideal accessory – offer it as a goodie, and your participants will leave with a keepsake.

Wristbands are an essential asset for event organization. At Sogedex, we provide a wide array of wristbands tailored to your diverse needs.

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