Protective card covers

protective card covers

Plastic card covers are used to protect your access badges, bank cards, loyalty cards, bus cards etc... Whether they are used occasionally or daily, badges or cards can wear out and often get scratches, bending or rubbing that can damage their properties. They are sometimes equipped with a chip, magnetic stripe, NFC, embedded data, etc... that must be protected to avoid damage.
This accessory is also appreciated for its ease of storage. It can be slipped into a pocket, a bag or a wallet. You can also use the card without taking it out of its case. It is therefore permanently protected.

How to choose a card cover?

To find the right plastic protective card cover for your needs, you should wonder how often you badge use your. Is it regularly exposed to external conditions that could accelerate its wear? Is your card intended for daily or occasional use? Our range allows us to meet all your needs with two types of protective card covers: rigid or flexible.

Rigid plastic card protectors :

Rigid card covers are the most suitable for preserving the condition of a badge used in outdoor or humid environments. More robust, they provide optimal protection for the entire life of the badge. They can also provide other benefits depending on your needs:

  • Prevent yellowing of your card in the sun: some of our models are made of polycarbonate with an anti-UV treatment. The inserted card will remain intact even with regular exposure to the sun. Our IDX 130 card cover, with its two crystal sides, will enhance your card while protecting it from the sun.
  • Ease the extraction of your badge: most of our card covers have a notch allowing you to easily remove the inserted badge. This way, you prevent breaking when removing it by pulling too hard on it, for example. The IDS72 badge holder with key ring has this notch on the side.
  • Protect several cards: Some models allow you to protect from 2 to 5 cards depending on their thickness. For example, the IDP83 PVC card cover offers 2 pockets to keep your cards.
  • Eco-responsible consumption: we offer you a selection of recyclable and/or biodegradable card covers to respect your ecological approach. For example, the biodegradable card cover is 100% vegetable based (corn and wheat) which considerably reduces its decomposition time.

The soft card case :

The flexible card cover allows you to preserve your daily used cover card: your bank cards, transport cards, restaurants, loyalty cards etc...

Thanks to their flexibility, the plastic protective card covers are easy to handle, helping the insertion and the extraction of the card. Moreover, they are discreet and thin enough to fit in a pocket, a bag or a wallet while avoiding possible scratches on the card.

Our flexible card covers have various properties to meet all your needs:

  • Anti-piracy bank card cases protect the data stored on the RFID chip from fraud or unauthorized reading.
  • The transparent flexible card covers highlight the information on both sides of your card
  • Double card cases have two pockets to insert various cards
  • Single-sided transparent card covers have a colored back side to hide personal information on the card. They are available in 5 different colors.

Card cover + printable card: the winning combination!

You can combine your card cover with a card or a plastic badge to print yourself. Choose among our large selection the card which will meet your expectations:

  • Blank PVC cards: in credit card format, they are available in white, black, colored or even metallic look and have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years.
  • Cards with magnetic stripes: made of PVC, they allow you to encode your data and are suitable for all types of applications (loyalty cards, access passes, gift cards).
  • Cards with a Mifare® chip: this contactless RFID technology is widely used in access control systems or in transportation since it stores and contains a lot of information.

Need plastic badge holders customized to your image?

We offer you our customization service for your plastic card covers. You can choose among different models, materials, colors, orientations, to obtain an accessory in adequacy with the values of your brand. While boosting your visibility, you generate a sense of belonging among your employees or benefit from a goodie to leave to your customers and visitors. Contact our team of experts who are at your disposal to guide you throughout the process of customization.

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