Rigid badge holders

All about rigid badge holders

Ideal accessory to protect badges used daily, the rigid badge holder is an essential support in many sectors (private companies, hospitals, public establishments...) since it ensures the badge durability.

We offer a wide range of rigid plastic badge holders in 86 x 54 mm format (CR80 bank card format). They are available in different materials (polycarbonate, polypropylene...), orientations (landscape or portrait), secure or not, eco-friendly versions...

Sogedex's advice: Define your needs as precisely as possible and then use our filters to quickly find the rigid badge holder best suited to your needs.

Different badge holder materials

The material determines the strength of the badge holder. It can also help convey a message about your brand image (Premium, environmental approach...). We offer a wide range of badge holders made of various materials:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polycarbonate crystal, frosted or anti-UV
  • Crystal polystyrene
  • Biodegradable and industrially compostable PLA
  • 100% vegetable materials (corn and wheat base)
  • PVC
  • Metal: copper or silver aspect

The IDX range: focus on a successful range

Made of polycarbonate and 100% made in France, this material can be presented in two finish: crystal or frosted, on one or both sides of the badge holder. The crystal finish is more fragile but favors the readability of information and brings elegance. The frosted finish is more robust against daily scratches. Polycarbonate can also be treated with an anti-UV coating to prevent your badge from yellowing in the sun.

The eco-responsible range

You want to have a product that is more in line with your ecological approach? Some of our IDX are also available in an eco-responsible version: the same products but even more environmentally friendly!

We have badge holders made of 100% vegetable material (cereal base: corn and wheat) or PLA (composed mainly of corn). They are environmentally friendly thanks to their biodegradable and compostable properties. You can protect your badges while respecting your environmental approach.

What part of my badge is protected?

Most of our rigid transparent badge holders protect both sides of your badge. However, we also offer badge holders that protect only one side (e.g. the one-sided protection badge holder). You can also choose our rigid half badge holder, which attaches to the top of your badge. This is the ideal holder for your magnetic stripe card, no need to take it out, just swipe it!

Portrait or landscape orientation

Your badges can be in horizontal or vertical format depending on your needs. Most of our rigid badge holders are available in both versions. We also offer dual-position rigid badge holders: horizontal and vertical. These badge holders offer the advantage of being able to accept all types of badges regardless of their orientation.

Is it possible to have additional security?

Some badges contain important embedded data (access control, employee information, etc.) that need to be protected further. That's why we offer products with a higher level of security.

You can choose between those that need to be broken to extract the card or those that open with an extraction key. This way you avoid the reproduction or alteration of the badge, the intrusion of unauthorized persons or the leakage of information.

How many cards can I fit in my rigid badge holder?

Most of our rigid plastic badge holders have the capacity to hold only one card. However, some of our products are thick enough (maximum capacity of 3.5 mm) to hold several cards if needed. There are also models specially designed to insert a large quantity of badges (up to 5 badges of 0.76 mm thickness).

Our range of cards to print your own badges!

You want to equip your staff with a badge? We offer a wide range of cards:

  • White or colored PVC cards: they will allow you to write various information on the identity of the bearer during your events or gatherings.
  • Cards with magnetic stripe or RFID system: these cards will allow you to encode and store important data for the access control in your company but also to print all types of information necessary on the identity of the person.

The advantage? A total autonomy in the management of your employees and visitors!

But because we want to meet all your needs, we also offer rewritable cards. What the concept? Print then erase and renew your information up to 500 times! A single card can be used several times, which is practical for updating the data on your badge!

Good to know: To use these rewritable cards, your badge printer must be equipped with the appropriate technology.

Lanyard + rigid badge holder + card: the essential combination for your company

The combination of these three accessories provides a complete kit to ensure the security of your premises! And the little extra? It is possible to personalize them with your brand This way, you can highlight your organization and create a sense of belonging among your employees while controlling the entrances and exits of your company. A perfectly effective combination of accessories!

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