Badge holders

badge holders

The badge holder is a support designed to protect the badge of your employees, visitors, partners or even your customers. Always attached to a lanyard, a clip or just a piece of clothing, it highlights the badge and makes the information easier to read. Therefore, it is practical to identify at a glance, the function or identity of each person since it highlights the information on your badge. The badge holder has become an essential accessory for companies, associations, fairs, festivals, sports events, etc. When it comes to badge holders, there are several solutions available to you. You can choose to combine your badge holder with a lanyard (with or without a fastener), with a zip or opt for a conference badge that attaches directly to a garment.

How to choose your badge holder?

As always, it's all about defining the use you will make of your badge holder. There are many different types of badge holders with different features.

Will your badge holder be used permanently or temporarily? Will your badge holder need to be reusable or not? How many badges do you need to protect? What size badges do you need? The better you define your needs, the easier it will be for you to find the right badge holder.

The rigid badge holder for regular use

The rigid badge holder is the ideal accessory for daily use: for example, to control access to people entering and leaving your premises or to distinguish the function and identity of each person in private or public establishments.

Daily use will tend to wear out or deteriorate your badge more quickly. Thanks to the rigid badge holder, you can extend the life of your badge by protecting it from scratches, shocks, UV rays and humidity. Your badge is well protected: no need to change it regularly!

The flexible badge holder for temporary use

The flexible badge holder is mainly intended for occasional or temporary use. It is the recommended accessory to protect your badges during events such as fairs, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, sports events... Very practical but also very economical, it facilitates the management of entries and exits for a minimum price.

It is available in several sizes to insert a badge, a flyer or an entrance ticket. If you personalize it, it can even become a promotional item. For example, you can offer a lanyard badge holder with your logo to your visitors so that they keep a souvenir of your event. This action can boost your communication and your brand image while leaving them a souvenir.

The conference badge: the versatile accessory for your events

It is the perfect support for all your internal or external company gatherings, organization of a conference or a seminar, participation in a trade show... Well known by organizers or speakers, they favor the identification of your interlocutors and invite dialogue.

Versatile and easy to use, it comes with a white insert that allows you to write or print directly on it. You can also choose to insert your own medium such as a business card.

Equipped with a crocodile clip and a safety pin, the conference badge fits all types of clothing. It is a ready to use and reusable support.

Customized badge holders: put your colors in the spotlight

Do you want to customize and highlight your company's colors with your badge holders? Boost your visibility by printing them with your logo or slogan for example. They will be in total adequacy with your image and your interlocutors will immediately identify your organization. You can choose to personalize your badge holders with a visual, but also by choosing among different colors, aspects, thicknesses or materials.

Badge holder + lanyard: the winning combination

Flexible or rigid, the badge holder is the ideal ally of the lanyard. Whether you choose a lanyard with a metal, plastic, hook or other fastening system, this combination offers many advantages:

  • Identify your visitors or staff at a glance during your events
  • Keep your badge always at hand: no need to look for it in your pockets or bag
  • Make your card visible to reinforce your security control

Badge holder + fastener: another option

To attach your badge holder to an item of clothing, you can choose to combine it with a badge reel, a crocodile clip or a suspender clip. Permanently attached, you reduce the risk of loss or theft.

To facilitate the use of an access badge, we particularly recommend the combination of a badge holder and reel: simply pull and release your badge holder and it will snap back into place. There is even a model with an anti-rotation system! This association can be combined with a lanyard to obtain an effective set of supports that will promote the identification of the wearer. The whole thing can be customized according to your wishes and colors in order to have a set of matching accessories that will boost your brand image!

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