Terms of sale


These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between SOGEDEX Accessories and the customer under which SOGEDEX Accessories agrees to deliver goods, and client agrees to purchase the goods mentioned on the sales contract. Except contrary notice shown on this quotation, all offers are valid for one month, beyond this period SOGEDEX Accessories will no longer be bound by its offer. The conclusion of the sale will be done when the 3 following conditions are fulfilled: - acceptance by the customer of Sogedex’s offer - acceptance by the customer to pay the price quoted within the stipulated period and according to the conditions of the offer - receipt by Sogedex of the deposit if required, and as shown on the quotation An order for printing will only be carried out after signature by the customer of the Sogedex document for “OK PRINTING” according to the specific conditions printed on that document. Every art work made or provided by SOGEDEX Accessories to the client such as (drawings, designs, plans, holographic patterns and designs) remain the entire and only property of Sogedex even if paid by customer. Unless otherwise required by the client in writing, SOGEDEX Accessories reserves the right to print in its professional catalogue or in its sales documents, or in its web site for reference or illustration purpose, one or several photographs of the items produced for its customers such as models, artwork designs, holographic patterns etc…The customer will not be entitled to ask for any financial compensation to SOGEDEX Accessories for these publications.


When technical documents or information are required and necessary for SOGEDEX Accessories to proceed with the order, the customer is responsible for supplying those documents or information to SOGEDEX Accessories within the time agreed on the contract. When orders for printed material are concerned (lanyards, cards, wristbands etc..) the agreed term of delivery starts after receipt by SOGEDEX Accessories of the OK printing signed by the client without any modification. Dates of delivery given by SOGEDEX Accessories to the customer are only for information purpose and no penalty can apply for late delivery. In the case of printed items ordered by the customer, such as custom-printed cards, lanyards, wristbands, card holders etc. SOGEDEX Accessories will be considered to have fulfilled its obligations even if the quantity of printed items delivered to the customer is superior or inferior to the quantity specified in the offer or the accepted order, within a limit of Plus or Minus 5%. The total price invoiced by SOGEDEX Accessories to the customer will be proportional to the quantity of cards actually delivered. In the case where plastic cards or other materials supplied by the customer are defective, SOGEDEX Accessories will bear no responsibility. In the case where plastic cards or other materials are supplied by the customer, Sogedex‘s liability for fault is exclusively limited to replacing the work done and invoiced by SOGEDEX Accessories. Materials and documents belonging to the customer, which are provided to SOGEDEX Accessories to work-out the order, are held by SOGEDEX Accessories at the sole risk of the customer. SOGEDEX Accessories can in no circumstances be held responsible for their alteration or loss, even in cases of accident or natural disaster. The customer must insure his goods and objects of all kinds, for which only he knows the market value. He must ensure that his insurance companies will forget any claim for liability against SOGEDEX Accessories, its agents, its storekeepers or its subcontractors. The goods received and accepted by the customer are considered as damage-free and in good working conditions. In no event shall SOGEDEX Accessories be liable to customer for indirect or consequential damage arising out of, or related to, the furnishing of products or performance or services under this agreement


All prices noted on our web site do not include transport costs, except specific quotations. Unless contrary notice goods delivered by SOGEDEX Accessories to the customer are transported at the risks and costs of the customer. The customer is obliged to inspect goods upon receipt prior to accept them. In the case of damage on goods or lost of goods delivered, the customer has to mention in writing the complaints onto the receipt of transport and has to notify any complaints to the carrier by registered letter to the within 48 hours of receiving the goods. Unless this procedure is carried out, SOGEDEX Accessories declines all responsibility of any kind.


Payment terms granted by SOGEDEX Accessories to customers are either: - payment with order - payment upon receipt of invoice - payment at 30 days from date of invoice, if credit authorization is allowed A deposit is required for any order for custom-printed items. Any delay in payment or deferred payment will result, as of right, in the invoicing of charges at the Bank of France discount rate plus three points (3). Result in all sums due to SOGEDEX Accessories becoming immediately payable. Prices mentioned on Sogedex web site can be modified at any time without any notice. They are given for information purpose and only prices confirmed by SOGEDEX Accessories on the order’s acknowledgment are considered as mutually agreed prices. Customer can benefit from discounts granted according to quantities of goods ordered.


An order cannot be cancelled for any reason whatsoever after delivery of the goods. In case of the order is cancelled by the customer, the deposit paid by the customer will be retained by SOGEDEX Accessories as compensation for discharge of the contract. An order cannot be cancelled for any reason whatsoever after SOGEDEX Accessories has started production, unless SOGEDEX Accessories expressly agrees in writing, in which case the customer will be entitled to pay the complete amount SOGEDEX Accessories is bound to pay to its suppliers.


A one-month time from date of receipt of the goods is granted to the customer to return goods, provided goods have not been used and are returned in their original and complete packaging. To return goods to SOGEDEX Accessories, customer must obtain from SOGEDEX Accessories and prior to return, a RMA number and the specific document to fill-in (Return Merchandise Authorized). The RMA number has also to be clearly noted on the parcel returned to SOGEDEX Accessories . Unless this procedure is carried out, the parcel will be returned to the customer at its own risk and cost. SOGEDEX Accessories Any damaged carton received at SOGEDEX Accessories warehouse will be refused and returned to the sender. Return of goods to the customer are done at customer’s cost and risk in case products shipped back are damaged during transport. After inspection and acceptance by SOGEDEX Accessories of the goods returned by the customer, a credit note will be issued in favor of the customer. A fifteen per cent (15%) restore fees will be deducted from the original price invoiced for the goods. If customer asks to change product delivered against another one, the customer will bear the shipping cost.


The transfer of ownership of goods will only take place after total and actual payment of the price, according to the terms of French law N° 80.335 of 12.05.80 and law N° 85.98 of 25.01.1985, articles 121 and 122. The risks will however be transferred to the customer after delivery of goods.


In case of litigation, the Court of Commerce of Paris is the only legal authority, whatever the conditions of purchase and method of payment agreed. Only French law is applicable.

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