Badge and card holders

badge and card holders

The card holder has become an essential item for protecting the cards or badges of your employees or visitors. These badges sometimes contain important information that must be well preserved if facing different external conditions (shocks, scratches, sun, rain, sand, etc.). This is why we offer a wide choice of supports:

  • Rigid or flexible badge holders can be worn around the neck, attached to a pocket or hung on the waist
  • Card covers slip easily into a bag or wallet
  • Clearbox whether waterproof or not, they are perfect for attaching to a lanyard or belt loop
  • Vehicle card holders specially designed to hang on a rear-view mirror or a windshield
  • Badge holder armbands pleasant to wear around an arm

What is a card holder used for?

Plastic card holders can have several uses depending on your needs:

1. Recognition and identification of the bearer

Whether hanging around your neck or attached to your clothing, the card holder makes the information on the badge visible at a glance. It therefore makes it possible to quickly recognize and identify the identity of the wearer. Thus, the card holder makes it easier to distinguish between your employees, your visitors and your customers. They can be used both internally in your company and externally during your gatherings.

2: Protection of your badge

Your badges or cards are sometimes confronted with conditions that can degrade them. Between scratches, humidity, UVs or shocks, they can be damaged very quickly. The objective of the badge holder is therefore to protect them in all circumstances and better preserve them over time.

3. Provide security

Card holders respond to many issues related to security and access control:

  • Simplifies identity verification: the transparency of the card holders offers the advantage of being able to quickly verify the identity and access authorizations of the bearer. The entrances and exits of the premises are therefore easily controlled, which reinforces the security system in place.
  • Avoids loss or theft: hanging around a lanyard or on clothing, the user no longer needs to take their badge out of their wallet or pocket, the badge holder thus considerably reduces the risk of loss or theft .
  • Preserve the properties of the badge: the badges or cards can hold precise information on the bearer and his accesses. These media being fragile, using a card holder guarantees the protection of the data. For example, when using a magnetic stripe card in your security device, the badge holder prevents the strip from being damaged and therefore the badge no longer working.

To go further: Do you need to protect the data integrated into your card? Do you need a credit card holder to avoid fraud? Thanks to our anti-RFID card holder, the IDP Protect, your data (access authorization, bank account, etc.) is protected from unauthorized reading!

4. Communication tool:

The card holder can be an excellent way to promote your image and your positioning (environmental approach, Premium …) in an efficient and cost-effective way. The majority of them are transparent on both sides, so they offer a large surface area to get your message across. The card holder is also a good way to unite your employees and create a sense of belonging to your brand image.

Sogedex tip: The combination of card holder + lanyard will allow you to optimize the visibility of your company or event!

A personalized badge holder in your image!

Want to put your business in the spotlight? Thanks to the personalization of your card holder, you protect the badge while highlighting your colors. These personalized card holders can also be used as goodies and thus draw the attention of your customers!

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