Event wristbands: access control and identification

All about event wristbands: access control and identification

If you wish to have your event sponsored (e.g. concert, sporting event, festival) or secure access to the premises, we offer a wide range of single-use (vinyl, holographic, Tyvek, woven, etc.) or reusable (silicone) event wristbands. Personalizing your wristbands with the colors of your event is not only a great self-promotion tool but also a way to give your guests an unforgettable souvenir. In the case of seminars and conferences, take advantage of our turnkey solutions and conference badges, and make life easier for your receptionists by sorting the badges in our conference badge display unit. For shows and exhibitions, our lanyards and flexible badge holders (small and large formats) are essential accessories from the point of view of organizers as it is an inexpensive way to spot participants.

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