SogéBudget: An Economical Range of Identification Accessories

Sogedex is committed to providing you with the best, even on tight budgets. With SogéBudget, we offer you a selection of products that meet Sogedex's strict quality standards, all at very competitive prices.

What is the SogéBudget range?

SogéBudget is a selection of products that provides an excellent quality-to-price ratio to meet the growing needs of customers looking for reliable products at affordable prices. It includes:

  • Essential products: A must-have selection of ID accessories, such as badge holders, lanyards, and clips.
  • Sogedex quality: All SogéBudget products are made from high-quality materials, subjected to meticulous testing to ensure compliance with Sogedex standards.
Look for this icon to find our SogéBudget products: Picto%20Sog%C3%A9Budget.png

Benefits that you cannot miss

SogéBudget is the smart choice for tight budgets.

You're saving money.

If you're looking for affordable accessories, SogéBudget is here to help you save.

You benefit from good quality products.

These items are manufactured with the same care as the rest of our range. Indeed, all Sogedex products benefit from high quality standards, and SogéBudget is no exception.

SogéBudget selection

Here are some examples of products that you can find in this range:

CD1-2.png PB 2-1.png
pince 3-1.png

Why choose SogéBudget?

This range is the ideal solution for businesses and organizations looking for reliable and economical accessories, offering:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Rigorous product selection
  • Sogedex Quality
  • A comprehensive offering: lanyards, clips, badge holder

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about these products or our entire range. Make the smart choice with SogéBudget for economical identification solutions without compromising on quality.

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