Para Athletics World Championships custom lanyard

The 11th World Para Athletics Championships were held in July 2023. We were contacted to create lanyards for the identification of staff and participants. Their requirements? Environmentally friendly, practical lanyards in the event’s colors. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Sogedex’s proposal

For this project, the client wanted an eco-friendly lanyard, so we tailored our proposal accordingly, starting with the material of the lanyard. For a chic, valued and eco-friendly result, we suggested a 20 mm wide lanyard, made from recycled PET (abbreviation for “polyethylene terephthalate”) onto which we applied Dye-sub printing. Associated with the lanyard, we have recommended a double hook attachment, practical for attaching/detaching the A6 badge holder, preventing it from flipping over and optimizing the visibility of its information. Lastly, the client asked us to add an anti-strangulation safety feature, without disturbing the visual. We suggested positioning it at the back of the lanyard.

In summary, we opted for:                                                                                    

  • Recycled PET material with a width of 20mm.
  • Dye-sub printing for an elegant and clean look.
  • Two fasteners for greater stability of the badge holder.
  • A safety system that does not disturb the visual appeal

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