Health Insurance custom lanyard

In France, Health Insurance covers the reimbursement of healthcare expenses for policyholders and ensures access to medical care. They trusted us to produce their lanyards. Their need? Practical, secure lanyards in multiple colors to identify their employees. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Sogedex's Proposal

Our client's requirements were as follows:

  • Lanyards in 4 different colors
  • Display the logo and the phrase "Fière de protéger"
  • Full-color printing on the front and plain white on the back
  • A secure system
  • A badge reel with a hook

We suggested the perfect material to fit to these criterias : a 20mm thickness flat smooth satin polyester. Thanks to this material, we were able to have 4 different colors of lanyards as well as a plain white background on the back. For the logo and the phrase "fière de protéger", we opted for a sublimation printing, ideal for details, with a high-quality result both visually and to the touch. The lanyards have a secure system, which prevents strangulation in case of excessive tension on the lanyard. It is positioned on the side of the cord for more comfort and efficiency in everyday use.

One of the peculiarities of these lanyards lies in the attachment. A somewhat unusual but very practical combination at the initiative of our client. A reel with a hook at the end allows you to quickly and easily detach and reattach the desired item!

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