Hotel complex custom vinyl wristbands

During the summer season, campsites, hotels or sports complexes need to be able to identify their visitors at a glance. This is why many companies wish to personalize their vinyl wristbands. Here, a large hotel complex asked Sogedex to customize all their wristbands. Their need? Have different personalized wristbands that quickly identify the right of activities access of each holidaymaker while reflecting the image of the complex. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Custom hotel complex vinyle wristbands

Sogedex's proposal

First, these wristbands will be worn for several days. They must be discreet and pleasant to wear. However, they also need to be resistant to help reinforce security for the resort. If you need robust wristbands, vinyl is the most suitable material: it is thick and resistant over time. It is also very comfy thanks to its flexibility: holidaymakers will not be hindered in their movements. Moreover, the vinyl wristband guarantees safety since it has a permanent closure: once clipped, the pressure cannot reopen. You should cut the wristband to remove it: it’s impossible to exchange it from one person to another. For this project, two of the three wristbands were made on matte vinyl wristbands to remain discreet, and the third on glossy vinyl, to allow visitors to be identified at a glance. Finally, we advised the customer to have 3 different visuals to distinguish each holidaymaker. These visuals were all screen printed, which makes them perfectly visible even in the smallest details. Thus, thanks to these wristbands, the resort can perfectly recognize each traveler while offering them a discreet and pleasant accessory to wear.

Custom hotel complex vinyle wristbands

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