Toutenkamion custom lanyard

Toutenkamion Group is the European leader in custom mobile solutions designed for large vehicles. We had the pleasure of assisting this French company with their first lanyard request, providing them with all our expertise to meet their expectations. The company intends to use these lanyards during trade shows to ensure easy identification. The personalized lanyards will allow Toutenkamion to stand out and be easily spotted among visitors. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Sogedex's proposal

For Toutenkamion, it was essential that their lanyards be aesthetically pleasing to highlight their identity while being comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Together, we chose smooth satin lanyards with a width of 20 mm, which are both visually appealing and durable. This choice ensures practical and long-lasting use throughout the events. The lanyards are equipped with metal hooks and detachable safety buckles at the back, making it easy for users to attach and detach them. The customization of the lanyards was done on both sides, with the logo printed using sublimation to make it stand out. The company wanted lanyards in a gradient from orange to red to maintain their graphic identity, making the accessory unique.

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