Studio Photo custom badge reel

In certain companies or public services (hospitals, administrations, etc.), employees need to present their badge frequently to gain access to certain parts of the premises. Here, a photography studio asked Sogedex to personalise their reel. The need? To obtain a discreet accessory that allows their employees to have their badge holder within reach, while highlighting the studio's image. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Custom Studio Photo badge reel

Sogedex's proposal

First, we had to determine the model of the reel. We suggested a square plastic reel with a 35 mm side. To have an original and out of the ordinary reel shape and to offers a larger surface for customisation. This way, the studio's colours are perfectly visible at a glance. The spring clip that we offered them makes it easy to handle and can be attached to a belt loop, a bag or a piece of clothing. The reel also has a reinforced vinyl strap, which is more robust and ensures a better grip. To ensure a better readability of the badge, this reel has a retractable wire of up to 72 cm. Just pull on the badge then let go and it will snap back into place on its own! Finally, to highlight the image of the studio, we have chosen to screen print the visual on a top-resin pad: the visual is perfectly visible and protected against scratches.

Custom Studio Photo badge reel

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