Planet Ocean custom lanyard

Planet Ocean Montpellier is an aquarium and planetarium complex that you can explore, learn and marvel at the underwater world and astronomy. Their need? To obtain a safe lanyard for their employees or visitors while highlighting the two core activities of this venue. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Custom Planet Ocean Lanyard

Sogedex's proposal

Planet Ocean team designed the lanyard in order to reflect both aquarium and astronomy activities. On the bottom half of the lanyard, you find the underwater world (seahorse, penguin, jellyfish, and school of fish). On the top half, you have stars and comets to recall the outer space. To optimise the rendering of this creation, we opted for dye sublimation printing on polyester. This technique prints even the smallest details with finesse. The little extra? Here, the printing is front/back and symmetrical! This gives the illusion that the two sides of the lanyard are one and the same.This lanyard was combined with a metal hook, the most manageable and elegant fastener in our range. Two options have been added to this lanyard: the detachable buckle and the breakaway safety system. The detachable buckle allows you to free the badge without having to remove the lanyard from your neck and the breakaway safety system prevents strangulation if the lanyard is overstretched.

Custom Planet Ocean Lanyard

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