Hôtel flexible custom badge holder

Our client is a hotel manager who has several rooms and facilities (spa, restaurants, etc.) for which it is necessary to have an access card. He called on Sogedex to produce their flexible card covers. Their need? Obtain supports that can protect the access cards and their data while highlighting their image. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Custom Hôtel flexible badge holder

Sogedex's proposal

To begin with, it was necessary to determine the model of the card cover. Here, the IDP 80 was the most suitable accessory. In thermoformed PVC, this material remains flexible while ensuring the protection of the card. It also offers the advantage of being recyclable, reducing the environmental footprint and highlighting the ecological approach. His ultra-flat appearance, allows hotel guests to easily slip it into a wallet, bag, pocket, etc. In addition, it has a notch that facilitates the extraction of the card since it must be removed regularly. The personalization technique used is four-color offset printing which allows to have a visual that will last over time, while keeping a fine print, even for the finest details.

Custom Hôtel flexible badge holder

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