Energie du Santerre Gazelec custom lanyard

Energie du Santerre is an actor on the market of electricity and gas supply in France. This company called on Sogedex to produce its personalized lanyard. Their need? To get festive lanyards to give to employees during the annual company party. Our expert team guided them throughout the customization process so that Energie du Santerre get personalized lanyards fitted to their needs. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Sogedex's proposal

For starters, the most suitable material was rib polyester with a 20 mm width. With its flat finish, this material is pleasant to wear and resistant over time. The text displayed on the lanyard is highlighted by its large width. Printing was made by dye sublimation to obtain perfectly clear and readable text. As for the fastener, we chose a metal hook: the most manageable and adapted to all types of perforations.

The originality of this lanyard also lies in the 8 integrated LEDs, evenly distributed on the lanyard for a perfect homogeneity when they are on. There are 3 possible lighting modes.
Thanks to all these choices of personalization, Energie du Santerre Gazelec got original and festive lanyards for their company party.

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