CM'Event custom lanyard

Chartres Métropole Evènements is in charge of organizing events in the Chartraine conurbation. This organization called on Sogedex to produce its personalized lanyards. Their objective? Have lanyards that are practical to use and highlight the visual identity of CM' Evènements in order to boost their visibility. Our experts team supported them in the choice of material, size, fastener, and options to obtain lanyard perfectly adapted to their needs. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Custom CM'Event lanyard

Sogedex's proposal

To begin with, the most suitable material was 25 mm smooth satin polyester. Indeed, this material gives elegance to the lanyard, which is ideal for all types of events. Meanwhile, its large width makes it possible to highlight the company logo. To go further, the visual was printed in dye-sublimation for a qualitative rendering in every detail of the logo. We suggested to add a metal hook fastener, the easiest to handle but, above, all it fits to both round and oblong perforations. The detachable buckle option has been added to allow the badge to be easily and quickly detached without having to remove the lanyard. Thanks to all the choices of customization, the final result corresponds to all the customer’s needs : efficiency and practicality!

Custom CM'Event lanyard

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