Beauval ZooPark custom wristbands

Created in 1980, the Beauval ZooPark is ranked 4th most beautiful zoo in the world. It welcomes more than one million visitors per year. This large number of visitors requires a flawless organization to guarantee the safety of both the visitors and the animals. For several years, the ZooPark has called on Sogedex to personalize their wristbands. Their need? To get wristbands in their colors that optimize visitor control while allowing them to control their budget. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Custom Beauval ZooPark wristbands

Sogedex's proposal

First, it was necessary to determine the appropriate material. In this case, synthetic ripstop paper was the best option: safe, economical and waterproof. Indeed, it is perfectly suited for outdoor events, as it is water resistant. The paper wristband is tear-proof and cannot be transferred from one wrist to another. Therefore, it facilitates security and access control for visitors.
This 24 mm wide wristband offers a large personalization area and therefore allows the zoo's logo and name to be clearly visible. In order to highlight them even more, the printing chosen is a high-definition four-colour printing which highlights all the elements of the visual, even the smallest and finest.
Finally, these wristbands are rolled up by 100 units on a reel which allows the ZooParc to save time during distribution, as the reel was designed to facilitate distribution. Another advantage is that the wristband reels can be stored more easily.

The 2021 version of their custom Tyvek® wristbands

To mark the birth of the twin pandas Yuandudu and Huanlili, the park wanted to create new wristbands in the colors of this event. The objective? To have wristbands that honor these two new inhabitants while facilitating access control.
To meet this objective, the material chosen is Tyvek®. It offers many advantages that meet the needs of the park: tear-proof, permanent security closure and water-resistant. In addition, access control management is also reinforced thanks to the random consecutive numbering on the wristbands. The Park can know exactly how many visitors are in the park at any given time.
Just like the previous wristbands, the visual was printed in high-definition four-color process. The logo of the ZooParc as well as the heads of the pandas are perfectly put forward in the smallest details.

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