Angers SCO custom lanyardAngers

The Angers SCO is a football club founded in 1919 and has been active for many years in the 1st Ligue, one of the most important football competition in France. This well-known club chose Sogedex to help them with their lanyards. Their objective? To have a functional lanyard that highlights the club's colors. cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Custom Angers SCO lanyard

Sogedex's proposal

To match the prestige of the Angers SCO, dye-sub. polyester has been chosen. Due to its satin finish, this material gives a premium side to the lanyard. Then we selected a fastener suitable for attaching employee badges as well as visitor or VIP pass. The double hooks are perfect for this type of use, allowing you to hang all types of flexible or rigid badge holders with double perforations. The advantage? Tying the two ends of the badge prevents it from rotating and maximizes the visibility of the information. In addition, to highlight the club's universe down to the smallest detail, we have chosen four-color sublimation printing. This technique offers superior print quality and allows visuals to be printed perfectly, even the smallest ones. Finally, the little extra of this customization is the printing in front/back symmetry. So, no matter how the lanyard is worn, the visuals will always be in the right direction!

Custom Angers SCO lanyard

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