Water Park custom silicone wristbands

Silicone wristbands are often used at events and particularly in outdoor organizations. A water park asked Sogedex to make their personalized silicone wristbands. Their need? To have resistant wristbands to secure access to the park and allow visitors to keep it on for the duration of their visit (and also afterwards if they wish). cordon%20com%20event%203.png

Custom Water Park silicone wristbands

Sogedex's proposal

We advised them to choose the silicone wristband because it’s a robust material that does not lose its shape and does not deteriorate over time. It is also the most resistant material for pools and aquatic environments. Moreover, they are the only ones in our range that can be removed and put back on repeatedly. Visitors to the water park will be able to keep it as a souvenir. It will boost the park's visibility with future visitors. Finally, for the personalization of this wristband, we used a screen-printing technique for a perfect visibility of the logo and text.

Custom Water Park silicone wristbands

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